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        cycling in china
        not more than a decade ago, the majority of young people and adults in china reached for their bicycles whenever they wanted to make a short journey. today,especially in the towns, the number is falling fast.  in beijing, it is estimated that 60 % of all journeys used to be on a bicycle and crowds of cyclists thronged the main roads. today, although the proportion of people who cycle is still quite large especially in comparison with other countries, the figure has begun to fall.
     there are of course a number of different reasons for this.the bus services have improved and the subway system is expanding, making it easier for people to find other means of transport. a few people have been lucky enough to be able to buy cars and there arcc飞车官网下载 e also many more taxis on the roads. another reason for the decline in bicycle use is a result of china's economic growth. nowadays, many people are earning higher salaries than in the past and they are willing to spend a little of this money on getting to and from their place of work.

    不到十年前,如果外出的地方不远,中国大多数青少年和成年人都会骑自己的自行车。如今,特别在城里,骑车人数急剧下降。据估计,以往在北京出门的人60%都用自行车,大批骑车人在主干道上拥挤不堪。  虽然,目前与别国相比,骑车人数所占比例依然可观,但这个数字开始下降。
    当然出现上述情况的原因很多。公交服务已有改善,地铁线路正在延伸,使人们更容易找到另一种交通方式。有些人很走运,买得起轿车;马路上还有更多的出租车。  自
cc飞车官网下载 行车使用减少的另一原因是中国经济增长的结果。眼下许多人的薪金比以往高;他们愿意花费一点钱用在上下班路上。