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My Friendiship With A Small Thing

my friendiship with a small thing

lao lao is my best friend .she isn't very tall , but taller than me . she has long broun hair and she has a pair of bright eye.

once , i madecc飞车会员登入 a badly mark in an english test. when the test paper was sent out by teacher . i was very sad and cried . at that moment , lao lao came to me friendly. she told me don't worry , she will help me . and she gave

me a smil . i felt very warm . after that time ,she often help me with my study . so i develop quickly .she told me ,nothing is too difficult in the world if you put into your hurt.

i think lao lao is not only my bestfriend but also my small teacher . she is a good girl ! i believe ourcc飞车会员登入8 friendship will keep forever!