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Happy Days

happy days
    how time flies! we’ll say goodbye to our school, our teachers and good friends. i will not forget our teachers’ smiles and my friends’ laughter. i will not forget my 36 classmates and the beautiful school. here the teachers teach us how to study and how tocc飞车暴风秒杀剧情 be a good student. they take good care of us. the students learn from each other, help each other and look after each other. the school lives like a big family, a cozy family and a harmonious family.

    but we will leave school soon. with much regret i will cherish the rest of the time by working hard. mcc飞车竞赛 aybe one day in the future we can’t recognize each other. it doesn’t matter because these days will stay in my mind for ever. i mean forever!

    take good care of yourselves, my friends!